Executive Committee

The WIN Executive Committee provides leadership support and guidance with respect to day-to-day operations to advance the institute's mission. This includes establishing institute-specific procedures and policies; developing, implementing, evaluating and reporting on activities and programs that contribute to the strategic plan; and resource allocation/financial projections.

Complete terms of reference for this committee can be found here

WIN Executive Members

 Shawn Whitehead         Interim Director, Chair and Associate Director - Clinical Integration

Emma Duerden Emma Duerden      Associate Director - Development/Training Initiatives, Executive Member

John Paul Minda Paul Minda      Associate Director - Member Initiatives, Executive Member

Andrew Pruszynski Andrew Pruszynski       Associate Director - Research Initiatives and Innovation, Executive Member

Sandrine de Ribaupierre Sandrine de Ribaupierre       Member-at-Large

Jann Paquette-Warren Jann Paquette-Warren       Director of Western Institute, Ex Officio

Florence Lourdes Florence Lourdes       Administrative Officer, Ex Officio