Research Advisory Committee

The Institute's Research Advisory Committee provides input and advice from the broader research community to the Director and Executive Committee with respect to research priorities, strategic initiatives, major funding opportunities/proposals, and collaborative programs/activities.

Complete terms of reference for this committee can be found here.

WIN Research Advisory Members

Andrew Pruszynski - Chair (in place of WIN Director)
Shawn Whitehead -  Vice Chair (in place of Associate Director for Research Initiatives and Innovation)
Jann Paquette-Warren -  Director, Western Research Institutes (ex officio)

Appointed Members:

Brian Allman - Animal Models of Cognition and Perception
Michael Anderson  - Philosophy of Science
Daniel Ansari - Cognitive Development and Neuroscience Applications in Education
Nathalie Berube - Molecular 
Roy Eagleson - Neuroscience Applications in Engineering
Stefan Everling - Systems Neuroscience/Primates 
Elizabeth Finger - Clinical Neuroscience 
Jessica Grahn - Human Cognitive Neuroscience
Ali Khan - Open Science
Ruth Lanius - Clinical Neuroscience 
Ravi Menon - Functional and Molecular Imaging
Lyle Muller - Computational Neuroscience
Adrian Owen - Cognitive Neuroscience and Imaging
Lisa Saksida - Translational Cognitive Neuroscience 
Siobhan Schabrun - Neuroscience Applications in Health Sciences 
Priya Kalra - Post-Doctoral Fellow 
Oren Princz-Lebel - Graduate Trainee