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Expert insight: Meaningful social interactions are the only ‘cure’ for loneliness

December 19, 2023

Western expert says individuals need to feel like they belong and are important to others (Read the full article)

More Americans than Canadians use alcohol to dull their pain: Study

December 12, 2023

New research explores pain management strategies including the use of prescription medications and alcohol (Read the full article)

New math approach provides insight into memory formation

December 05, 2023

Western neuroscientists analyze timing of brain activity patterns in new study (Read the full article)

Western prof collaborates with industry for hearing care innovation

December 05, 2023

Ingrid Johnsrude works with Danish company to research improved hearing aid devices (Read the full article)

Celebrating the inaugural recipients of the Western Research Excellence Awards

November 30, 2023

Six scholars recognized for pioneering work in their fields, community advocacy (Read the full article)

Western research shows men sleep better than women

November 29, 2023

New study also indicates sleep quality improves with age (Read the full article)

Western-led human brain “growth chart” project receives $1M in funding

November 27, 2023

Will allow clinicians to track neural development across human lifespan for first time (Read the full article)

Canada’s most powerful MRI system arrives at Western

November 23, 2023

The 15.2 tesla pre-clinical scanner enables researchers to study the brain with unprecedented resolution (Read the full article)

Western recruits top neuroimmunologist as Canada Excellence Research Chair

November 16, 2023

With $8M in funding, Dr. Robyn Klein will set up Canada’s first-ever research program studying impact... (Read the full article)

Seinfeld provides insight into how our brains understand and appreciate humour: Study

November 13, 2023

Neuroscientists studied participants watching classic TV series in fMRI scanner (Read the full article)

Western researchers reveal link between Alzheimer’s disease and sex hormones

October 17, 2023

Study highlights the importance of developing therapeutics focused on hormonal connections (Read the full article)

A new classification of heart rhythm for stroke patients

October 13, 2023

Atrial fibrillation detected after stroke seems more benign than pre-stroke irregular heartbeats, finds... (Read the full article)

Researchers earn Canadian Academy of Health Sciences honours

October 04, 2023

From work on the brain to children’s mental health, research recognized for impact on patient care (Read the full article)

Students from low-income households felt more learning losses during pandemic: Study

September 26, 2023

Research surveys teacher experiences with remote learning in Canada, U.S. (Read the full article)

Exploring an Interdisciplinary “Pain Research Consortium” to Catalyze Excellence and Collaboration

September 21, 2023

Researchers and clinician scientists across the BJI and WIN came together to explore ways of fostering... (Read the full article)

Adolescent girls were severely affected by pandemic stress, find Western researchers

September 19, 2023

New study finds Canadian children’s visits to the ER for mental health concerns increased during the... (Read the full article)

Researchers use AI to predict recovery after serious brain injury

September 11, 2023

PhD candidates in neuroscientist Adrian Owen's lab measure brain activity using machine learning (Read the full article)

$5.1 million donation boosts open hardware approach to motor neuroscience

August 15, 2023

Azrieli Foundation support to enable Canada-wide use of electrodes co-developed by Western researcher (Read the full article)

Study suggests cannabis use during pregnancy could cause lifelong cognitive deficits

August 03, 2023

Western researchers also find impact of prenatal cannabis exposure on cognition and memory differs by sex (Read the full article)

Study finds link between screen time and anxiety, depression in children

August 02, 2023

Research by professor Emma Duerden also finds stress in parents was a key predictor of screen time (Read the full article)

Brain scans are putting a major theory of consciousness to the test

July 18, 2023

A proposed way to measure consciousness called integrated information theory has been tested using data... (Read the full article)

Vision allows brain to make predictions well before it knows what’s coming, new study shows

June 27, 2023

Blending math and AI, Western researchers developed neural network model able to predict individual moments... (Read the full article)

Why learning animal sounds can be crucial to children’s language development

June 12, 2023

The Conversation Canada - From an early age, children are able to recognize and respond to animal sounds. (Read the full article)

Bird brains can flick switch to perceive Earth’s magnetic field  

May 25, 2023

Research on how animals move around the world helps determine the influence of human activity (Read the full article)

Western projects receive new Canada Brain Research Fund grants

May 24, 2023

Interdisciplinary teams working on cognition, brain repair receive funds from Health Canada and Brain Canada (Read the full article)

The power of dreams can change everything

April 26, 2023

Online catalogue of dreams has turned into a popular podcast, a record deal and global collaborations (Read the full article)

Western to revolutionize drug development for brain diseases with $24M federal funding boost   

April 26, 2023

First-of-its-kind platform will fast track drug development and help identify effective new therapies... (Read the full article)

Renowned mathematician collaborates with Western team to map human brain

March 28, 2023

Princeton’s Maria Chudnovsky brings graph theory perspective to WAFAR’s interdisciplinary... (Read the full article)

New study identifies how AI fails to reproduce human vision

March 17, 2023

Despite the power of deep learning, computers have yet to master human calculations when it comes to visual... (Read the full article)

Western project finds viewing sports in VR trumps 2D screen experience

March 14, 2023

Study finds AI overestimates age of smiling people, makes more errors for older adults (Read the full article)

Western’s Centre for School Mental Health on the frontlines for kids’ wellness

March 02, 2023

School programs developed by faculty members build resilience and connections for children, teens (Read the full article)

New EEG procedure accurately measures distress caused by tinnitus

February 01, 2023

Researchers discover new way to understand and diagnose patients experiencing ringing in the ears (Read the full article)

External AI tech exaggerates biases in facial age perception more than humans

January 05, 2023

Study finds AI overestimates age of smiling people, makes more errors for older adults (Read the full article)

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